Staff Bios



Dan Raderschadt – President / Owner

Dan started working with his father, Lew in the early 1970’s. He enjoys working in the pyrotechnic
industry because it provides opportunity to bring smiles and create memories for all spectators. New
product design and development are one of his favorite parts of the business. Married to his wife Shelly
and being the father of 2 daughters and a son are a highlight of his life. Dan enjoys wildlife, habitat
development, bowhunting, working out at the gym and his 3 dogs.


Derek Miller – General Manager

Derek works in all parts of the industry from pulling orders in the warehouse, selling consumer fireworks
in the retail showroom to designing and shooting professional displays. Derek got his passion for
fireworks from his Grandfather, Lew Raderschadt, who was the founder of Lew’s Fireworks, Inc. He was
given the opportunity at a very young age to help in the family business. He loves every minute of it,
especially shooting shows big or small, and hopes to someday pass the tradition on to his kids. Derek
enjoys spending time with his family and in the fall you can usually find him bow hunting out in a deer


Christina Timmer – Office Manager

Christina fell into the fireworks business by accident, answering a generic ad in 1999 not knowing it was
Lew’s Fireworks, Inc. When you call Lew’s Fireworks, Inc, you more than likely will hear Christina on the
other end. Her job encompasses many areas of the office and showroom, including ordering and
importing products, but the most enjoyable and satisfying for her though is designing the labels for the
Hot Shot products. With 3 grown children, in Christina’s spare time she loves riding her Harley Davidson
motorcycle with her husband Randy and spending time with her kids and grandson.


Lucas Nogelmeier – Sales Manager

While looking for a summer job. Lucas decided to check out a place where his wife had worked when
she was in college. He found work at Lew’s Fireworks, Inc. to be enjoyable and that summer job turned
into full time when he learned Lew’s was looking for a sales assistant. A couple years later, Lucas
became the Sales Manager and spends his time working with customers and designing new products for
the Hot Shot brand. His passion for fireworks allows him to help each customer to sell more fireworks
and help the public celebrate our nation’s independence.  In his spare time, Lucas enjoys spending time
with family, chasing the Chinese Ringneck Pheasant, reading and flintknapping.  Keeping him busy are
his wife – Amber, two kids – Sophia and Miles, a grumpy old lap dog named Kady and his hunting
companion, Sage.


Brad Wesche – Production / Distribution Manager

After 30 years as a jeweler, Brad decided to step away from his profession. He had been working
seasonally at Lew’s Hot Shot store in Sioux Falls when Dan mentioned to him that they may have a place
for him at Lew’s Fireworks, Inc. His position at Lew’s allows a wide variety of tasks depending on the
time of year and he enjoys not doing the same things day in and day out. He also gets to blow up large
amounts of fireworks several times a year and gets paid to do it, which he finds very agreeable. Outside
of work, Brad likes to camp, icefish, barbeque and golf.


Carrie Meseberg – Assistant Production / Distribution Manager

Carrie was born and raised in Watertown. She went to college in Aberdeen and after many years there,
decided to move back to Watertown to be closer to her family. She loves warehouse work so when a
job opened at Lew’s Fireworks, she jumped at the chance to work in a warehouse with fireworks. She
puts together the order for the customer for shipping and during the off season is busy making
assortments. When not at work she enjoys spending time with family, watching tv and sports and
playing with her dog Zoey.